The Uno® story begins in Chicago in 1943 when Ike Sewell developed deep dish pizza and opened a new type of restaurant at the corner of Ohio & Wabash. It was here that Ike served a pizza unlike any that had been served before. Buttery out-of-this-world crust that had a tall edge like a fruit pie. He created a recipe that combined authentic Italian spices and quality tomatoes with more cheese than people could believe. When people tasted it, they wanted more of the same and the lines have been forming ever since to get into the restaurant.

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Uno Foods, our consumer product division, began in the basement of one of our Boston restaurants in 1988 and has grown into its present day establishment. All of our products are made by hand using the same ingredients as our Uno Chicago Grill restaurants and following the same recipes that have made us famous throughout the world. The Uno tradition began with the legendary Deep Dish pizza, invented by Ike Sewell, and has evolved to include hand-tossed pizzas, calzones, self-rising, whole grain and more. Today, Uno Foods provides Uno-quality products that are sold in over 6,000 grocery stores, c-stores and served in hotels, stadiums, airports, schools, and movie theaters across the country.